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The Marshfield Police Auxiliary was originally formed in the mid 1970s as a group of citizen volunteers known as the Tri-County 19er CB Group. The purpose was to provide patrol for events such as Halloween. Communication was provided between members using CB radios and between members and the Police Department through a CB base radio at the Police Station.

The authority to organize as the Marshfield Police Auxiliary was granted by the Marshfield Police and Fire Commission in November of 1977.


The purpose of the Police Auxiliary is to assist the Police Department in the enforcement of law and order during any and all emergencies declared to exist within the City by the Chief of Police. In addition, the Auxiliary will assist the Police Department with traffic and parking, parades, civic and athletic functions, weather watches, patrol, lost persons and such matters as may be deemed necessary by the Chief of Police.


Requirements:Members must be 18 years or older, with a high school diploma or equivalent. They must be of good moral character, mature, with time and a desire to serve the Marshfield community and have a willingness to be a team player. Members serve as volunteers.
Applications:Applications may be picked up at the Marshfield Police Department. Applications are reviewed by the Police Liaison Officer, the Auxiliary Executive Committee and the Chief of Police. Upon acceptance the applicant is accepted as a probationary member for a term of six months. Upon successful completion of this period, that person is accepted into full membership.
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