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Open Enrollment

Forms due by November 14, 2013!

It’s annual benefit enrollment time for health/vision, dental and flexible benefits!

Check List

  • Complete online Flexible Benefit Form (instructions, enrollment guide) by 11-15-13 (all must complete)
  • Note a health administrator change to WEA Trust, plan design changes and premium changes. No vision administrator or premium changes.
  • Note no dental insurance plan design or premium changes.
  • Note Annual Notice of Creditable Coverage Disclosure (for Medicare Eligible)
  • Note WRS 2014 Employee share increases. Employer share increases by the same amount.
  • Notify HR of any benefit changes by 11-14-13

WRS 2014 Rates:

Non-elected employees: Employee share 6.65% (2013) to 7% (2014)

Elected employees: Employee share from 7% (2013) to 7.75% (2014)

Protective without Social Security (Fire): Employee share from 6.65% (2013) to 7% (2014)

Annual Enrollment Information: All employees must complete a 2014 Flexible Benefit Form. This is an annual enrollment period for health/vision and dental insurance.  If you are not interested in making any changes to your health/dental insurance at this time – see check list above.  If you would like to enroll or cancel please contact Human Resources for an application form. 

2014 Health/Vision Insurance: The vision administrator will continue to be NVA for 2014 with no premium increases. The health insurance administrator will be WEA Trust and will include decreased premiums and plan design changes.

2014 Health Insurance Premiums

Employees contribute 15% of premium

Employee Monthly Contribution  

Full Monthly Premium 







Click here for plan documents.

Annual Notice of Creditable Coverage Disclosure: (Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage). For those covered on the City’s health insurance plan and also covered under Medicare.  (Click here for full disclosure notice.)

2014 Dental Insurance:  The dental administrator will continue to be Delta Dental with no plan design or premium changes in 2014. 

Wastewater Unit, Ordinance Enforcement Officers Unit, Police Unit, Street, Custodial and Parks and Recreation Group and Fire Unit.

Employee contributes 100% of premium

Full Monthly Premium 





Grandfathered Non-Represented Group, Mayor, City Clerk, City Assessor and Clerical/Technical Group

Employee contributes 15% of premium

Employee Monthly Contribution 

Full Month Premium 







Click here for plan design.

Flexible Benefit Plan:  All Must Complete Form whether participating or not.

FLEX Administration: The FLEX administrator will continue to be Employee Benefits Corporation (EBC). WI state law requires employers insurance plans to cover children (their child only not their child's spouse or their grandchild) through the end of the month they attain the age of 26 and therefore employees can plan for FLEX dollars for their dependents up to age 26 (even if they don't qualify as dependents for IRS purposes). If a child turns age 26 in plan year 2012, they are not eligible for FLEX reimbursement starting on January 1, 2013. (Click here for more details on FLEX Eligible Expense Examples.) 

Group Insurance (health and dental) Premiums: Group insurance premiums will be deducted pre-tax automatically. Email or contact Lara Baehr at 486-2004 if you do not want your group insurance premiums deducted pre-tax.

Medical Expense Flexible Spending Account: You MUST re-enroll in the program each year to participate. The annual maximum is $2,500 for 2014 due to mandatory federal health care reform.

Dependent Care Plan:  You MUST re-enroll in the program each year to participate.  The annual maximum is $5,000.

All elections made during annual enrollment will be effective January 1, 2014.  Contact me at 486-2004 if you have any questions.  Thank you.

NOTE:  This summary is provided for information purposes only.  It does not in any way constitute an employment contract and the City of Marshfield reserves the right to amend the salary/benefits plan at any time subject only to approval by the Common Council. 

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