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Marshfield is located in both Wood County & Marathon County, Wisconsin.

Population: 19,451 - as of January 1, 2010.   

The Cities of Marshfield & Wisconsin Rapids of Wood County were ranked 14th in America, 3rd in the Midwest and 1st in Wisconsin as best cities to live in. Marshfield is also ranked as the 8th best "Dream City" in America.

We offer you, our citizen or visitor, a safe, clean community with abundant parks, numerous attractions and a world-class health care facility. We're proud of Marshfield, and pleased to have you as our guest.

Marshfield is proud to be considered "Best Place to Live in Wisconsin and Eighth Best Place to Live in America" according to  Demographics Daily selected Marshfield based upon such criteria as its excellent health care, schools, supply of good jobs, and small-town character.  Other qualities considered were Vitality, Connection to Cultural Mainstream, and Low Cost of Living.  Thanks to the world-class care provided by Marshfield Clinic and Marshfield Medical Center, our community actually ranked in the top 10 for health care.  Marshfield was also in the top 50 for the education and freedom from stress categories. 


Out of all cities considered, only 141 of them attained "Dream Town" status.  Of the 12 Wisconsin cities which were dubbed "Dream Towns", only Marshfield was in the top 10.  "Millions who live in big cities or suburbs dream of getting out," said G. Scott Thomas, editor of Demographics Daily, "Our goal is to provide them a list of small cities that offer relief from metropolitan hassles and Marshfield is definitely on that list."  "Their quality of life is excellent and they are safe, low-stress alternatives to congested big cities and sprawling suburbs."

These are only a few of the qualities which make our community a great place to call home.  Please browse our site and explore our other links such as the Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce and Industry to learn why you will want to be a part of our community.