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Field Review Procedures

Wisconsin State Statues provide for the necessity of viewing all properties in order to make fair and equitable assessments (State of Wisconsin Statues, 70.32).

The following describes the field review process of the City of Marshfield Assessor's Office:

1) Assessor's Office prints copies of property record cards which may include any or all of the following:

  • general field reviews to verify city records

  • changes caused by building permit work

  • houses that have sold recently

2) Once generated, these cards are sorted to ensure the most efficient use of city resources.

3) Phone calls (which keep costs down) are then placed to homeowners to set up field review appointments.

4) Appointments are scheduled with the Deputy Assessor or Property Appraiser for fielding:

  • The actual field review involves an inspection of the inside and outside of the house.

  • Field review staff may ask the homeowner a few simple questions about the condition of the house.

  • Staff may also check measurements of the dimensions of the house.

  • This procedure takes between 15 to 20 minutes.

  • Field reviews are typically scheduled for normal office hours (exception - limitations of daylight hours during winter months).

5) Our staff will answer questions posed by the homeowner if time permits.  If we are not able to answer a particular question, we will direct the homeowner to contact the appropriate office at City Hall.

6) If a field review results in changes to property value, notices will be sent to homeowners according to the annual notification schedule (usually May or June of the next year).

7) For the security of city residents, Assessor's Office staff will be wearing name badges and driving the City Assessor's Office car pictured here:

Assesor's Office Car

We hope this helps in understanding the field review process and enhances the confidence our citizens have regarding the assessment process and normal staff procedures.

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