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Marshfield Senior High School (Marshfield Junior High)

Marshfield Sr  High School  Jr


Summary of Significance

The Marshfield Senior High School is an excellent, largely intact example of the Art Moderne style. The school was state-of-the-art for its time. The Marshfield Senior High School also represents the work of a “master” architectural firm in Wisconsin, Eschweiler & Eschweiler of Milwaukee. The period of significance extends from 1937 – 1968 to include the construction dates of the Eschweiler & Eschweiler-designed building and its final use as a high school. The building retains very good integrity outside and inside.

Boundary Description

From the northern boundary, East Fourth Street, following South Palmetto Avenue south, past East 5th, 6th, 7th streets to East 8th Street, the southern boundary, following East 8th east past South Hemlock Avenue nearly to South Felker Avenue. The eastern boundary ends at the eastern edge one-half block short of Felker. Altogether, the school site, with the adjacent stadium and open space, covers about 6 blocks.