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West Park Street Historic District

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Summary of Significance

This district is a residential district in the heart ofMarshfield. It is a fine example of a prestigious neighborhood that developed gradually from 1892-1924. The district has 10 contributing and two noncontributing resources. The overall integrity is still intact with well maintained houses in a gracious neighborhood of generous lots and mature trees. It is a unique neighborhood because the houses represent several styles of architecture that typify the stylistic evolution taking place inMarshfield’s residences. The houses in this district were built by prominentMarshfieldresidents. Most of the houses in this district have been modified in some way, but none have been replaced. The district still had good examples of architectural styles and forms including Queen Ann, Tudor Revival, Colonial Revival, Bungalow/Craftsman, and vernacular. The period of significance extends from the 1890s when the first house was built until 1924, when the last extant house was built.

Boundary Description

The West Park Street Historic District includes all properties in a two block area. It includes both sides ofWest Park Streetin the 300 and 400 blocks. The east boundary line is the east property lines of #300 and #303; the west boundary isSouth Pine Avenue. Houses on the north side of the street are on properties that back up to houses that are facingMagee Street. Houses on the south side of the block have lots that in many cases extend to theChicago,St. PaulandMinneapolisrailroad tracks.