Solarize Marshfield

Solarize Marshfield

City of Marshfield Guide to Residential Solar Energy Permitting & Inspection (pdf)

Solarize Marshfield will help Marshfield area residents and businesses overcome the logistical hurdles of going solar at home or at their business including who to hire, what equipment to buy, how much to budget and where to start.  With Solarize Marshfield, interested participants will join forces to conquer the process as a team, and realize up to 20% cost savings with bulk purchasing power.

What is the Project about? As more homeowners consider solar energy due to the dramatic decrease in pricing, the Project aims to help residents in Central Wisconsin overcome the uncertainties that often hold them back from investing in solar electricity for their home. Even better, by organizing the experience as a group, participants benefit from the knowledge and experience of others with solar technology and the installer and equipment selection process.

How does it work? Because other participants are purchasing the same equipment from the same vendor, we are able to negotiate discounts for a limited time because of the total group volume. It is a lot like a buying club for foods and other goods, but instead you are buying solar panels and the service to install solar panels. It is that simple. Until November 9th, you have the opportunity to purchase solar electric system at the discounted price. This effort is modeled after similar bulk solar purchasing efforts across the country and a recent group project that resulted in a 10% increase in residential solar projects Southern Wisconsin.

How was equipment and an installer selected? This past summer, a group of homeowners interested in solar energy worked together to select solar equipment, Siliken solar panels that met or exceeded industry standards and a capable, NABCEP certified installation company, Able Energy for the project. This group considered important factors when deciding which solar company and product to choose including a variety of qualification criteria and of course, the availability of a group pricing discount. A copy of the Request for Proposal soliciting installers to bid on the project is available.
How much money will I save by using solar energy? For those that previously considered solar energy but were dismayed by the price, a 40% drop in solar panel prices and group buying power may get them to consider again. In fact, a solar system that provides 100% of the power for a home with little shading could save a homeowner significant amount on their energy bills over the lifetime of the system depending on which utility territory they are in.

Is solar right for my home? A house that is considered a good prospect for solar should have sufficient roof space or on their property (for free standing systems) that has access to sunlight throughout the entire year. We encourage you to attend an informational workshop to learn more about how quick assessment can help determine your solar production capabilities.

How do I learn more? Please contact us at to learn more about participating. The enrollment deadline is November 9th.

Solarized Marshfield is a project of Grow Solar Wisconsin powered by the Department of Energy SunShot Initiative Rooftop Solar Challenge

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