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City Clerk


The following is a list of licenses issued by the City Clerk's department. Licenses that are available online are linked.

  • Animals and Fowls
  • Cigarette/tobacco
  • Circuses, Menageries, Show, Amusement Devices and Carnival
  • Dog and Cat Licensing and Regulation
  • Junk Yards
  • Liquor and Fermented Malt Beverage
  • Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks
  • Perishable Food Sellers
  • Secondhand Goods Sales/Pawn Shops
  • Taxicabs
  • Transient Merchants, Peddlers, Solicitors and Other Direct Sellers
  • Waste Haulers/Truck Discharge Operation

For more information on these licenses see chapter 9 of the Municipal code or contact the City Clerk's Department.

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