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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 10. Public Peace and Good Order

Sec. 10-133. Use of streets.

(1) Parades. The use of city streets for any parade or procession is prohibited unless a permit is issued by the chief of police or his designee.

  1. The application for the permit required by this subsection shall set forth the following information regarding the proposed parade:
    1. The name, address and telephone number of the applicant.
    2. If the parade is proposed to be conducted for, on behalf of or by an organization, the name, address and telephone number of the headquarters of the organization and of the authorized and responsible heads of such organization.
    3. The name, address, driver's license number and telephone number of the person who will be responsible for conducting the parade.
    4. The date and time when the parade will be conducted and its duration.
    5. The assembly area, the starting point, the route to be traveled and the termination point.
    6. The number and size of participants or units comprising the parade.
    7. If the parade is to be conducted by or for any person other than the applicant, the applicant for such permit shall file with the police chief a communication in writing from the person proposing to hold the parade authorizing the applicant to apply for the permit on such person's behalf.
    8. Any additional information the police chief finds reasonably necessary for a fair determination as to whether a permit should be issued.
  2. Grounds for discretionary denial. The application for the permit required under this subsection may be denied if:
    1. It is for a parade that is to be held on a workday during hours when and at places where, in addition to the proposed parade, the flow of vehicular traffic is usually delayed by its own volume;
    2. It is for a parade that is to commence between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m.;
    3. Sufficient supervision is not provided to reasonably ensure the orderly conduct of the parade;
    4. The proposed route for conducting the parade involves a street or highway under construction or a detour route;
    5. The policing of the parade will require so large a number of persons and vehicles, including ambulances, as to prevent adequate service of the needs of the rest of the city;
    6. The parade will so substantially hinder the movement of police and fire and other emergency vehicles as to create a substantial risk to persons and property;
    7. The conduct of the parade will substantially interrupt the safe and orderly movement of other traffic contiguous to its route; or
    8. The parade is so poorly organized that participants are likely to engage in aggressive or destructive activity.
  3. Mandatory denial. The application for the permit required under this subsection shall be denied if:
    1. It is a parade that is primarily for private or commercial economic gain;
    2. It is for a parade that would involve violation of federal, state and local laws relating to use of highways or of other applicable regulation of the city;
    3. The granting of the permit would conflict with another permit already granted or for which application is already pending;
    4. More than one assembly area or more than one dispersal area is proposed; or
    5. The applicant fails to receive the permit under 84.07(4) Wis. Stats.
  4. Actions for grant or denial of permit. Actions for the grant or denial of the permit are the following:
    1. The chief of police shall act as promptly to review every application for a permit required under this subsection, and may consult with other government agencies directly affected and with the applicant, if necessary. The chief of police shall, by the most reasonable means of communication, promptly notify the applicant of the chief's decision on the application and, if the application is denied, shall give the reasons for denial of the permit.
    2. Modifications. In lieu of denying a permit, the chief of police may authorize the changing of assembly areas or dispersal areas or the conducting of the parade at a date or time or over a route different than applied for. The applicant may accept such modification by immediately notifying the chief of police in writing of such acceptance.
  5. Littering or other acts prohibited. No person taking part in any permitted parade shall throw or deposit upon any city street or sidewalk any objects or materials of any kind, or jump off of or onto any vehicle or other unit which is a part of the parade, procession or other similar use described in this section.

(2) Other uses prohibited. Except as provided in this section, no person shall park or allow to stand upon any of the public streets, alleys or public grounds within the city, except in market places, any wagon, automobile, truck, trailer or other vehicle for the purpose of selling or advertising or offering for sale therefrom any merchandise to consumers. This shall not apply to the vending of newspapers on city streets.