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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 10. Public Peace and Good Order

Sec. 10-34. Animals running at large prohibited.

(1) Generally. General provisions for animals running at large are as follows:

  1. It shall be unlawful to own, keep or harbor a dog or cat or other animal and permit such animal to run at large in the City of Marshfield at any and all times.
  2. The animal shall be deemed to be running at large when found on any of the public streets, alleys, parks, or other public grounds of the city, or when off the premises of the owner or person having custody and control of such animal unless held in leash.
  3. Any person who allows any such animal owned by him to defecate on property of another or on any public property or on any public terrace, defined as that area between the sidewalk and curbline, shall cause the feces to be removed immediately.
  4. "Animal" includes every living warm-blooded creature except a human being.

(2) Female animals in season. Any female animal in season shall be kept confined in a building or secure kennel enclosure, veterinary hospital or boarding kennel during the duration of such season.

(3) Vicious animals. The owner of any vicious animal shall keep it securely enclosed on the owner's premises away from the proximity of sidewalks, paths, or alleys, and shall keep it muzzled when exercising it. Where there is evidence that any such animal intimidates any person to the extent that such person is unable to use or enjoy any property, the animal control officer or any law enforcement officer may order the animal muzzled, leashed or restrained.

(4) Nuisance, inhumane treatment. No person shall keep or harbor or own any dog, cat or any other animal, which by loud or infrequent or habitual barking, meowing, yelping orhowling, or by constant threat of attack and/or biting shall cause annoyance to the neighborhood or to people passing upon the street. No person shall refuse to deliver up to a police officer or animal control officer a dog, cat or other animal when properly requested to do so under the provisions of this section. No person shall be cruel to a dog, cat or other animal, such cruelty consisting of beating, torturing, mutilating, killing, or of clear failure to provide food, drink or shelter. No person may abandon any animal.

(Code 1982, 9.08)