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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 10. Public Peace and Good Order

Sec. 10-38. Hunting; dogs prohibited in certain places.

(1) Hunting. No person shall kill, hunt, push, drive or pursue any game animals or birds within the corporate limits of the City of Marshfield unless specifically permitted pursuant to section 10-30(3) of this Code.  

(2) Pets. No person, except persons with assistance animals as provided in § 174.056 Wis. Stats., shall allow dogs or other animals to enter any public building, picnic grounds, playgrounds, athletic facilities, or the zoo within the city park; provided, however, this prohibition shall not apply to personal assistance animals or animals escorted by a police officer or ordinance control officers as provided under § 174.056 Wis. Stats. In public areas where pets are permitted, they shall at all times be effectively restrained or under the owner's control as provided in section 10-34 of this Code. Nonresidents who are patrons of the city-owned camping facilities may have pets, provided they are within the camping section, leashed or in enclosures.


(Code 1982, 8.18; Ord. No. 1139, 1, 2, 10-14-2008)