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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 12. Solid Waste Disposal and Recycling

Sec. 12-02. Containers.

(1) Required. Occupants of single-family, two- to four-unit residences and owners of multiple-family dwellings and nonresidential facilities and properties within the City of Marshfield are required to use clear, plastic garbage bags as defined in this chapter for the collection of solid waste. The purpose of the clear bags is for determining compliance with this chapter.Waste not contained in clear plastic bags, or spills from broken bags, will not be picked up by collection crews. Each person occupying and dwelling in a house or other building or portion thereof and producing garbage for city collection shall provide and renew, when necessary, a sufficient number of plastic bags to hold the garbage accumulating between collections. Before placing any solid waste in a clear plastic bag for collection, every occupant of a residential unit shall drain the solid waste free of water so that the bags of solid waste containers shall contain relatively dry packages of nonrecyclable solid waste. Bags shall not be filled to exceed 50 pounds per bag.

(2) Garbage cans. Garbage cans, if used, shall be made of metal, fiberglass or plastic and of substantial construction with strong handles on the outside. Each can shall have a capacity not to exceed 30 gallons or less than 15 gallons. All cans shall be maintained by the user in reasonably good, clean and sanitary condition. Any defective can or any receptacles having ragged or sharp edges or any defects which might injure or hamper the person collecting the waste shall be replaced immediately by a new can. Any defective can, when used, may be confiscated by the city.

(3) Storage and collection. The garbage can or plastic bag and other refuse can or container shall be set out on the scheduled collection days at an easily accessible place on the premises at ground level as directed by the board of public works. The containers shall be easily accessible during winter months. Such containers for any street collection shall not be set out more than 12 hours prior to the day of collection and shall be removed no later than 24 hours after collection. Except when set out for street collection, no waste containers of any type shall be located at any time in any required front yards or corner side yards. No refuse containers of any type shall be located so they are visible from the front of the property, except in cases of scheduled pickup.

(4) Contents of containers. No hot cinders or ashes or any smoldering embers shall be set out or placed in a refuse container of any kind on the day of collection. Covers to containers in accordance with subsection (2) of this section should be provided or containers should be so protected as to prevent the admission of snow and water. Frozen contents which are difficult to remove without possible damage to the containers will not be collected.

(Code 1982, 11.10)