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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 12. Solid Waste Disposal and Recycling

Sec. 12-62. Preparation and collection of recyclable materials.

(1) Except as otherwise directed by the council, occupants of single-family and two- to four-unit residences shall do the following for the preparation and collection of the separated materials specified in section 12-61(1)(a)(1)(f) of this Code:

  1. Aluminum cans shall be empty and shall include used beverage cans only.
  2. Container glass shall be cleaned labels can remain on glass. Glass should not be broken. Glass does not include ceramic cups, dishes, ovenware, plate glass, safety and window glass, heat-resistant glass such as Pyrex, lead-based glass such as crystal or TV tubes.
  3. Corrugated cardboard, not to exceed 24 inches by 36 inches, shall be clean and must be flattened and tied into bundles. This does not include waxed cardboard or chipboard such as cereal boxes, shoe boxes and similar materials.
  4. Mixed papers shall be tied into bundles or placed in a recycling bin. This includes all grades of paper such as white, colored, ledger, shiny, coated, carbonless and NCR papers; envelopes including windowed, labeled and kraft; magazines; phone books; computer printout paper; glued pads and tablets; file folders; keypunch cards; post-it notes; spiral notebook; cereal boxes; shoe boxes; etc. Mixed papers can include paper clips and staples, but may not include hand towels or other paper products from restrooms or soiled napkins and paper plates. This also does not include carbon paper, cellophane or any waxed paper.
  5. Newspaper shall be tied into bundles or placed in a recycling bin. This includes newspaper and newspaper advertisements only and does not include catalogs, magazines or other paper.
  6. Plastic bottles #1 and #2 shall be clearly marked with the recycling emblem encircling the #1 (PET or PETE) or the #2 (HDPE). This does not include motor oil bottles, even if they are labeled #1 or #2. Caps must be removed; labels can remain on plastic. All bottles must be cleaned and flattened.
  7. Tin cans shall be clean, and labels must be removed. Tin cans with molded or round bottoms can be recycled without the molded or round bottom removed, provided the can has been rinsed and labels have been removed. This includes tin-coated metal cans and steel containers.

(2) The hauler has the right to reject or leave at the curb any recyclable material or solid waste that is not prepared according to the specifications of subsection (1) of this section, or in the regulations provided by the contractor or the City of Marshfield to the service recipients. Materials may also be rejected if not separated from solid waste, placed in the proper container or are not designated recyclable materials or solid waste for collection. The hauler also has the right to refuse to pick up any solid waste if it contains recyclable containers and materials. In such cases, the hauler shall notify the generator of materials in writing by means of putting a red tag on it listing the reasons for rejecting the items.

(Code 1982, 11.12)