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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 13. Public Works

Sec. 13-03. Construction of private transmission lines, laterals and service pipes.

(1) Resolution to be adopted. Whenever the council, after recommendation by the board of public works, shall determine to improve any streets in the City of Marshfield with concrete or hot mix bituminous surfacing, without special assessment to adjoining owners, the council may, by resolution, require adjoining property owners and/or utilities to construct cable or electrical lines or water, heat, sewer and/or gas laterals or service pipes from the lot line, or near the lot line into the right-of-way. In such case, the resolution may provide that such construction be performed within a certain period of time, prior to the improvement of such street, and if such lines, laterals or service pipes are not so constructed by the property owner or utility, the city may construct the lines, laterals or service pipes.

(2) If the work described in subsection (1) of this section is done by the city, or under a city contract, a record of the cost of constructing such laterals or service pipes shall be kept and such cost, or the average current cost of laying such laterals or service pipes, shall be charged and be a lien against the lot or parcel served in such manner as may be provided in such resolution.

(Code 1982, 8.18)