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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 13. Public Works

Sec. 13-34. Installation of culverts.

(1) Permit required. No person shall lay, install or place, or cause or allow to be laid, installed or placed any culvert in any street or other public way in the city without first securing the approval of the department of public works of the material from which the culvert is to be constructed and of the size the culvert. Such approval shall be written, and shall specify the material to be used and the size of such culvert. The applicant shall provide the culvert, but the department of public works shall provide for the installation thereof. The applicant, or his assigns, shall be responsible for the subsequent maintenance of the culvert. No building permit shall be issued for the premises to be served by such culvert until application therefor has been made, and no certificate of occupancy for the premises shall be issued until such culvert has been approved and installed.

(2) Removal of culvert. The department of public works shall order the removal of any culvert laid, installed, placed in violation of this section, at the expense of the person responsible, and any culvert not removed within ten days may be removed by the department of public works at the expense of such person.

(Code 1982, 8.05)