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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 14. Municipal Utilities

Sec. 14-68. Basis for sewer service charges.

(1) Sewer users served by water utility water meters. A sewer service charge based, in part, on the quantity of water used as measured by the water utility water meter used upon the premises is levied and assessed upon each lot, parcel of land, building or premises having a connection with the wastewater system and being served with water solely by the water utility.

(2) Sewer users served by private wells. If any person discharging sewage into the public sanitary sewer system procures any part or all of his water from sources other than the water utility, all or part of which is discharged into the public sanitary sewer system, the person shall be required to have water meters installed for the purpose of determining the volume of water obtained from these other sources. Where sewage meters are already installed the water meters will not be required. Any person requiring such meter shall be responsible for the furnishing and installation of the necessary meters after the approval of plans for the installation by the utility superintendent. Until such time as a water meter as required in this chapter is installed, such sewer user shall be billed by the utility for an average use of 2,000 cubic feet per quarter. The sewer user shall obtain the meter described in this subsection and have it installed within 60 days from the date the sewer user is attached to the sewer system.

(Code 1982, 13.16)