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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 15. Buildings and Building Regulations

Sec. 15-06. Plan and permit requirements for moving buildings.

(1) The application for a permit required for moving buildings shall be accompanied by:

  1. A dimensioned plot plan showing the location of the structure on the parcel of land to which it is proposed to be moved.
  2. Construction plans showing any exterior or interior structural, electrical, plumbing, heating or ventilating changes, alterations or additions if any such are required or intended.
  3. A statement of any exterior work that will be done which would affect the appearance of the structure.
  4. A map showing the proposed moving route and stating the proposed moving date.

(2) A part of the permit shall be a list of the changes, alterations or additions required in structural electrical, plumbing, heating or ventilating work.

(Code 1982, 14.09)