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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 15. Buildings and Building Regulations

Sec. 15-12. Garages.

(1) Size. The area and height of garages shall be as provided in section 18-04(2) of this Code.

(2) Structural. Structural requirements for garages and accessory buildings on residential property that have either a length or width that exceeds twelve feel (12'), shall comply with all requirements found in the State of Wisconsin Administration Code Chapters SPS 321-325, including egress components, except as follows:

  1. A detached frame construction garage or accessory building shall be built on a four foot (4') deep footing and frost wall or a minimum of four-inch-thick concrete slab reinforced with fiber reinforced concrete or wire mesh weighing not less than 40 pounds per 100 square feet with a reinforced grade beam at the outer perimeter.  The reinforced grade beam shall be engineered or shall consist of a thickened outer edge that is at least twelve inches (12") thick, and sixteen inches (16") wide.  There shall be at least two parallel #4 reinforcement rods installed continuously around the perimeter.  The outer most one shall be six inches from the outer edge of the concrete, and the second one shall be installed six inches inside of the outer one.   The concrete slab is to be placed on a minimum 12-inch bed of sand, gravel, or other suitable materials with proper drainage provided.  Provisions for an elctrical grounding connection to one of the reinforcement rods shall be made and inspected prior to concrete being poured.
  2. Any attached garage shall have the bottoms of the footings  and frost walls not less than four feet below grade unless a suitable engineered system is installed.  All other footing and foundation provisions in SPS 321-325 shall be complied with.
  3. All electrical, HVAC, or plumbing requirements in SPS 321-325 shall be complied with, except that detached garages and accessory structures, which are insulated, shall have a minimum of R-13 insulation for exterior 2" x 4" walls and R-19 for 2" x 6" exterior walls.  Insulated garage and accessory buildings shall have overhead garage doors that are insulated by the manufacturer of the door assembly.  Insulation for rafter framed roof joist systems shall be a minimum of R30.

(Code 1982, 14.07)