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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 16. Plumbing

Sec. 16-03. Plumbing inspector.

(1) Appointment, term and compensation. The council shall appoint a plumbing inspector, along with such other authorized agents as it deems necessary, who shall be a licensed plumber under § 145.05 Wis. Stats. and who, unless under civil service, shall serve for a term as fixed by the council, subject to removal for just cause, and whose compensation shall be as fixed by the council from time to time. In the event that no licensed plumber is available for such position, the council may appoint a temporary inspector who shall be familiar with this chapter, the Wisconsin Plumbing Code and general rules and practice of the plumbing trade. Upon appointment of a plumbing inspector, the duties and responsibilities of the temporary inspector shall terminate.

(2) Duties and authority. Duties and authority of the plumbing inspector shall be as follows:

  1. Generally. The plumbing inspector shall enforce all provisions of this chapter and all other state and city provisions relating to the construction, installation, alteration and repair of all plumbing within the city and shall make such inspections, perform such tests and issue such orders as may be necessary for such enforcement. The plumbing inspector or his authorized agent shall issue citations enforcing this chapter and for nuisances under chapter 11 of this Code in the Marshfield Municipal Court.
  2. Authority to enter premises. The plumbing inspector shall have the authority to enter premises as follows:
    1. In the discharge of his duties, the plumbing inspector or his authorized agent may enter any building, upon presentation of the proper credentials, during reasonable hours for the purpose of inspection and may require the production of any permit or license required under this chapter. No person shall interfere with the inspector or his authorized agent while in the performance of his duties; and any person so interfering shall be in violation of this chapter and subject to a penalty as provided by section 16-07 of this chapter.
    2. If consent to entry to personal or real properties which are not public buildings, or to portions of public buildings which are not open to the public, for inspection purposes has been denied, the plumbing inspector shall obtain a special inspection warrant under § 66.0119(3) Wis. Stats.
  3. Permits. The plumbing inspector or his authorized agent shall prepare suitable forms for permit applications and permits, shall take applications and issue to qualified applicants permits as required for all work contemplated by this chapter and shall maintain suitable records of the permits issued. He shall weekly submit permit fees collected by his office to the finance director.
  4. Records and reports. The plumbing inspector shall keep records and make reports as follows:
    1. To the building services supervisor. The plumbing inspector shall keep in his office a daily record of all the transactions of his office, including permits issued and fees received and shall make monthly and annual reports thereon to the building services supervisor.
    2. To the Department of Safety and Professional Services. The plumbing inspector shall make such reports to the Department of Safety and Professional Services as required by state law.
    3. Record of special locations. The plumbing inspector shall keep a record of all sewer and water connections and shall make maps showing the locations of the sewer and water connections and the positions of all house drains, connections, junctions and other data necessary for the efficient operation of his office.
  5. Stop work orders. The plumbing inspector may order work stopped on the construction, installation, alteration or repair of plumbing when such work is being done in violation of this chapter. Work so stopped shall not be resumed except with written permission of the plumbing inspector, provided if the stop work order is an oral one, it shall be followed by a written order within a reasonable period of time.

(Code 1982, 15.03; Ord. No. 998, 2, 10-27-2003; Ord. No. 1031, 4, 10-12-2004)

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