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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 16. Plumbing

Sec. 16-04. Issuance of plumbing permits and inspection.

(1) Required. No work contemplated by this chapter shall be started until a permit therefor has been obtained from the plumbing inspector or his authorized agent, provided no permit shall be required for minor repairs to faucets or the removal of stoppages in soil and waste pipes.

(2) Application. The application shall be in writing upon forms which the plumbing inspector shall provide and shall include the name of the owner and the description of the property on which the work is to be done, along with such pertinent information as the plumbing inspector may require and shall state that the property owner and the applicant will be bound by and subject to the provisions of this chapter.

(3) Issuance, term, suspension and revocation. When the plumbing inspector is satisfied that the work proposed by the applicant can be done in conformity with the provisions of this chapter and after the appropriate fees have been paid to him, he shall issue the permit. Such permit shall be good for the continuous performance of the work named thereon.Apermit shall automatically expire when work ceases for a period of 60 days without good and reasonable cause for the cessation and shall automatically expire on completion of the work for which it was issued; provided the plumbing inspector may, upon notice, suspend or revoke such permit for violation of the provisions of this chapter.

(4) Restrictions on issuance. Restrictions on issuance of the plumbing permit are as follows:

  1. No plumbing permit shall be issued to any person who is in violation of this chapter until such violation has been corrected.
  2. No plumbing permit shall be issued to any person against whom an order issued by the plumbing inspector is pending, provided this restriction may be waived by the plumbing inspector.

(5) Appeals for failure to issue, suspension and revocation. Any person directly interested who is aggrieved by the decision of the plumbing inspector to refuse to issue a permit or to suspend or revoke such permit or to order work stopped under section 16-03(2)(e) of this Code, may within ten days appeal such decision to the state plumbing inspector, whose decision shall govern.

(6) Fees. The schedule of permit fees to be paid shall be as follows, and such fees must be paid before the plumbing permit is issued:

  1. Backflow preventer:  $15.00
  2. Grease Interceptor:  $15.00
  3. Modify water distribution system:  $30.00
  4. Modify waste drain and venting system:  $30.00
  5. Plumbing fixtures:  $8.00 each.
  6. Private interceptor main sewers:  $10.00 per 100 feet.
  7. Private water main:  $10.00 per 100 feet.
  8. Sanitary new/repair/reconstruction/replacement: $20.00.
  9. Sprinkler meter:  $15.00
  10. Storm sewer new/repair/reconstruction/replacement: $20.00.
  11. Water service new/repair/reconstruction/replacement: $20.00 up to two-inch service pipe, plus $2.00 for each additional inch over two inches (each service).
  12. Water softener:  $15.00.
  13. Water Heater - change in energy use:  $15.00.
  14. Minimum plumbing permit fee:  $30.00 
  15. Residential (single-family, owner occupied) one bathroom, kitchen or laundry room remodel done by owner.  Section Section 15-03(2)e.
  16.  Failure to obtain a plumbing permit prior to commencing work: $100.00 or double the permit fee, whichever is more, except for emergency work. (Permits for the emergency work need to be taken out within 48 hours after the work was performed.)

(Code 1982, 15.04; Ord. No. 970, 1, 1-28-2003; Ord. No. 1038, 1, 1-11-2005)