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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 16. Plumbing

Sec. 16-24. Connections.

(1) Where "Y" or "T" openings are provided in sanitary sewer mains, private sanitary sewer laterals shall be connected to such openings by a licensed plumber. The director of public works shall be responsible for keeping the necessary records for the location of these openings and shall furnish a copy of such records to the plumbing inspector for the use of permit holders.

(2) Where no "Y" or "T" opening has been provided, the connection must be installed with a watertight sealed saddle fitting. A portion of the main sewer may also be removed and a "Y" or "T" section may be reinstalled with compression joints. These connections must be bedded at least six inches below and shaped around the pipe with at least three-fourths-inch sieve washed stone.

(3) Sanitary sewer laterals from the city sewer main to the property line shall be laid at a grade of one-eighth inch per foot grade after connection has been made. Provided, that in the event the depth of the sewer main is greater than eight feet, a riser may be used to obtain the eight-foot height level.

(4) All excavation necessary for the construction of sanitary sewer laterals shall be made by the permit holder. Excavations which are to be entered by city employees must be protected in conformity with the Tunnel, Trench and Caisson Code of the state industrial commission.

(5) The connections provided for in subsections (1), (2) and (3) of this section shall be made only under the supervision of the plumbing inspector, or some other city officer designated by him, and shall be left open by the permittee until approved by such official. Only the city engineer may grant a variance or exception to the provisions of this section, and then only for reasons of adverse soil conditions or the presence of other utilities.

(Code 1982, 15.08)