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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 16. Plumbing

Sec. 16-45. Well operation permit.

Marshfield Utilities may grant a permit to a private well owner to operate a well for a period not to exceed five years providing the conditions of this article are met. An owner may request renewal of a well operating permit by submitting information verifying that the conditions of this article are met. Marshfield Utilities or its agent may conduct inspections or have water quality tests conducted at the applicant's expense to obtain or verify information necessary for consideration of a permit application or renewal. Permit applications and renewals shall be made on forms provided by the clerk. The following conditions must be met for issuance or renewal of a well operation permit:

(1) The well and pump installation meet or are upgraded to meet the requirements of ch. NR 811 Wisconsin Administrative Code;

(2) The well construction and pump installation have a history of producing bacteriologically safe water as evidenced by at least two samplings taken a minimum of two weeks apart. No exception to this condition may be made for unsafe wells, unless the department of natural resources approves, in writing, the continued use of the well;

(3) There are no cross connections between the well and pump installation and the municipal water system; and

(4) The owner can demonstrate a need for continued current use of the well and pump installation.

(Code 1982, 15.13(5))