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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 17. Electrical Code

Sec. 17-44. Homeowner's privilege.

(1) Permits. No person shall wire his or her home or any part thereof, or make any changes or additions to the wiring therein without first securing permission from the electrical inspector. The inspector shall determine whether such person has sufficient knowledge of the work contemplated in order to do such work in a proper manner. The inspector may issue a permit for such work. The only type of person contemplated under this section is a property owner installing electrical wiring in a single-family residential dwelling which is owned and occupied by such person at the time the work is to be completed, is their legal residence, and is not for sale or for rent in whole or part.  Only State licensed and/or certified Journeyman and Master Electricians may install, repair, or do work on electrical services.

(2) Affidavits. Prior to receiving the permit for electrical work, and as a condition thereto, the homeowner shall execute an affidavit certifying that all of the electrical work shall be done by himself at the premises concerned and it will fully conform in all respects with the requirements of the state and city electrical codes and all pertinent ordinances of the city. The city and the electrical inspector are absolved from any liability because of a noncompliance of any such electrical work with the requirements of such codes and/or ordinances.

(3) Inspections. At least two business days before any electrical construction is concealed the owner must request an inspection of that part of the electrical construction. At the completion of all work this nonlicensed person must notify the electrical inspector for a final inspection at least two business days before this wiring is utilized. Any defects shall be corrected within 15 days after any notification. A refusal to do so in a timely matter shall constitute a violation of this chapter.

(Code 1982, 16.09; Ord. No. 1111, 1, 9-25-2007)