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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 18. General Zoning Ordinance

Sec. 18-101. Access Standards

(1) Purpose. The purpose of this Section is to alleviate or prevent congestion of public rights-of-way so as to promote the safety and general welfare of the public by establishing minimum requirements for the provision of access to public rights-of-way.

(2) Applicability. The requirements of this section shall apply to each access drive onto a public street or right of way in all new development.

(3) Review and Approval. The City Engineer shall review and approve all proposed access drives on the subject property.

(4) Angle of Intersection with Public Right of way. All access drives shall intersect at an angle of 90 degrees wherever possible.

(5) Distance from Property Line. The distance from an access drive to the property line of an abutting property shall not be less than 3 feet, as measured along the property line, except for existing driveways, driveways on lots of 50 feet in width or less, and shared driveways.

(6) Width of Driveways.  Except on lots 50 feet wide or less, all access drives shall have a minimum width of 12 feet for single and two family dwellings. Access drives for all other uses shall be determined by the City Engineer.

(7) Traffic Control. The traffic generated by any use shall be channelized and controlled in a manner which avoids congestion on public streets and other safety hazards. Traffic into and out of all off-street parking, loading, and traffic circulation areas serving 6 or more parking spaces shall be forward moving, with no backing into streets or pedestrian ways. Traffic control devices shall be required as approved by the City Engineer.

(8) Traffic Study: If it is determined by the City Engineer or Plan Commission that a proposed nonresidential development will have a substantial impact to traffic, the City may require that a traffic impact analysis be completed in accordance with the most current revision of the Traffic Impact Analysis Guidelines published by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. It shall be conducted by a third party agreed upon by both the applicant and City at the applicant's expense. The components of the traffic impact analysis shall be determined by the City Engineer or Plan Commission.

(9) Depiction on Required Site Plan. Any and all proposed access drives on the subject property shall be depicted as to their location and configuration on the site plan required for the development of the subject property.

(10) Paving of Access. All access approach areas located within a street right of way shall be paved to the satisfaction of the City Engineer with a hard, all-weather surface, and shall be maintained so as to prevent the transport of gravel, dirt, or other eroded material from the subject property into the right of way. When the street has curb and gutter the hard surface between the right of way and the curb shall be concrete. This requirement must be fulfilled before building occupancy to the satisfaction of the City Engineer.