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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 18. General Zoning Ordinance

Sec. 18-107. Swimming Pool Standards

(1) Applicability. This section applies to all permanent swimming pools, defined as an outdoor structure containing a body of water in a receptacle or other container having a depth for water at any point greater than 36 inches requiring water filtration, circulation, and purification, used or intended to be used solely by the owner, operator, or lessee thereof and family and guests invited to use it; and including all structural facilities, appliances, appurtenances, equipment, and other items used and intended to be used for the operation and maintenance of a private or residential swimming pool.

(2) Regulations:

(a) Swimming pools, except inflatable temporary pools, shall be set back a minimum of 3 feet from the property line and shall not be located in the required or provided front yard, whichever is less.

(b) Swimming pools less than 4 feet tall shall be surrounded by a security fence which is a minimum of 4 feet in height.

(c) All gates shall be secured when the pool is unattended.

(d) Aboveground pools with a wall 4 feet in height or higher shall not require a fence; however, ladders for these pools shall be removed when not in use and steps to decks abutting these pools shall be secured with gates when unattended.