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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 18. General Zoning Ordinance

Sec. 18-111. Fire and Explosions

(1) Purpose. The purpose of this section is to regulate the creation of fire and/or explosion hazards which adversely affect abutting properties in order to prevent the creation of nuisances and to promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the public.

(2) Applicability. The requirements of this section apply to all land uses and activities.

(3) Standards. Any use involving materials which could decompose by detonation shall be located not less than 400 feet from any residential or commercial zoning district except that this standard shall not apply to the storage or usage of liquefied petroleum or natural gas for normal residential or business purposes. All activities and storage of flammable and explosive materials at any point shall be provided with adequate safety and fire fighting devices in accordance with all fire prevention codes of the State of Wisconsin. See also Chapter 6 of the City of Marshfield Municipal Code.

(Code 1982, 17.15(1); Ord. No. 1073, 1, 8-22-2006)