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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 18. General Zoning Ordinance

Sec. 18-21. Standard Zoning Districts

For the purpose of this Chapter, all areas within the jurisdiction of this Chapter are hereby divided into the following standard zoning districts.

Abbr.Zoning District Name
RH-35Rural Holding
SR-2Single Family Residential - 2
SR-3Single Family Residential - 3
SR-4Single Family Residential - 4
SR-6Single Family Residential - 6
TR-6Two Family Residential - 6
MR-12Multi-Family Residential - 12
MR-24Multi-Family Residential - 24
MH-8Mobile Home Residential - 8
NMUNeighborhood Mixed Use
CMUCommunity Mixed Use
UMUUrban Mixed Use
DMUDowntown Mixed Use
IPIndustrial Park
LILight Industrial
GIGeneral Industrial
RDResearch and Development
CDCampus Development
PDPlanned Development