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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 18. General Zoning Ordinance

Sec. 18-43. (PD) Planned Development

(1) Purpose. The purpose of this district is to provide for the possible relaxation of certain development standards pertaining to the underlying standard zoning district and the other requirements of this Chapter. In exchange for such flexibility, planned developments shall provide a much higher level of site design, architectural control, and other aspects of aesthetic and functional excellence than normally required for other developments.

(2) Intent. Planned developments are intended to encourage, promote, and provide improved environmental design by allowing for greater freedom, imagination, and flexibility in the development of land, while ensuring substantial compliance with the basic intent of this Chapter and the City of Marshfield Comprehensive Plan. To this end, planned developments allow diversification and variation in the relationship of uses, structures, open spaces, and heights of structures in developments conceived and implemented as comprehensive and cohesive unified projects. It is further intended to encourage economic development and more rational developments with regard to public services and to encourage and facilitate preservation of open space and natural resources. Planned developments are not intended to circumvent the intent of other zoning districts or this Chapter. The City also intends to use the Planned Development district to provide a mechanism for review of traditional neighborhood developments per State Statute 66.1027.

(3) Applicability.

(a) Ownership. A tract of land proposed to be developed as a PD shall be under the control of a single owner, partnership, or corporation, where each owner agrees in advance to be bound by the conditions and regulations which will be effective within the district and to record such covenants, easements, and other provisions with the county.

(b) Size. There is no minimum or maximum size for a PD.

(c) Condominium projects with jointly owned common spaces and/or commonly owned structural walls, roofs, or other structural elements must be approved as PDs if, as a result of a condominium division of the land, the lot requirements of the district in which the development is located cannot otherwise be met. This requirement would apply to townhouses where the resulting lot size would be less than otherwise required.

(4) See Section 18-167 for the process to establish Planned Development Zoning.

(5) See Sections 18-167(3)(c) and 18-167(3)(d) for the General Development Plan and Specific Implementation Plan requirements.

(6) Planned Developments are exempt from the requirements of Section 18-114 Group and Large Developments.