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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 19. Subdivision and Platting

Sec. 19-70. Lot Line Adjustment Procedure
  1.  Applicability. The regulations contained within this article shall apply to lot line adjustments within the corporate limits.
  2. Submittal Requirements. The applicant shall submit two (2) copies of the plat of survey to the City of Marshfield Planner/Zoning Administrator.
  3. Plat of survey requirements. In addition to information required by Chapter A-E7 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code the following information shall be required on the plat of survey in order to determine compliance with local subdivision and zoning ordinances:
    1. Location of all existing structures.
    2. Setback dimensions of existing structure from all existing and proposed lot lines;
    3. Area of each lot; 
    4.  Names and addresses of owner(s) and surveyor;
    5. Map date, legend, scale, surveyor's certificate, north arrow; and
    6. Legal description of each proposed lot.
  4. Monumentation. New lot corners shall be monumented in accordance with Section 236.34(1) (b), Wisconsin Statutes.
  5. Approval. The City of Marshfield Planner/Zoning Administrator will administratively review the plat of survey within five (5) business days of submittal and certify approval on the face of the survey; provided, no zoning code or subdivision ordinance violations will result from the lot line adjustment.
  6. Recordation.  Upon certification of approval, the petitioner shall record the plat of survey in conjunction with the deed or other legal instrument with the County Register of Deeds.  The applicant shall submit two (2) recorded copies of the deed or instrument and plat of survey exhibit to the City of Marshfield Planner/Zoning Administrator.  One copy will be kept on file in the Department of Planning & Economic Development and one copy will be forwarded to the City Assessor.

(Ord. No. 1190, 2, 12-14-2010)