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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 2. General Government

Sec. 2-02. Elected officials.

(1) Enumerated. The elected officials of the city shall be as follows:

OfficialWhen ElectedTerm
(a)MayorEven-numbered yearsTwo years
(b)AlderpersonThe first, third, fifth, seventh and ninth aldermanic districts shall elect alderpersons in the evennumbered years. The second, fourth, sixth, eighth and tenth aldermanic districts shall elect alderpersons in the odd-numbered yearsTwo years
(c)City ClerkOdd-numbered yearsFour years
(d)City assessor Even-numbered years Four years
(e)Municipal judgeOdd-numbered yearsFour years

(2) Continuation of term. Each official enumerated in subsection (1) of this section shall continue in office until his or her successor has been elected and qualified.

(3) Primary Election

  1. When there are three or more candidates for the same elected office in the City of Marshfield, the City Clerk shall schedule a primary election to narrow the field to the two candidates who receive the most votes in the primary election.
  2. If one or more candidates notify the City Clerk, in writing, that he or she no longer intends to be a candidate so that there remains only two candidates seeking to be elected, then a primary election does not have to be held if the notice or notices are received before the deadline for setting the primary election.

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