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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 2. General Government

Sec. 2-103. Community development authority.

(1) Need. A need for blight elimination, slum clearance, urban renewal and community development programs and projects and housing projects exists in the City of Marshfield.

(2) Creation. Pursuant to 66.1335 Wis. Stats., there is hereby created and established for the City of Marshfield a housing and community development authority which shall be known as the community development authority of the City of Marshfield, Wisconsin. Such authority shall have for its purposes the carrying out of blight elimination, slum clearance, urban renewal programs and projects and housing projects. Until further or other action of the council, however, the authority shall not be authorized to develop the general plan of the city or perform acts which are to be performed by the plan commission under 66.130166.1327, 66.1331, 66.1333, 66.1337 and 66.1105 Wis. Stats. or a joint review board under 66.1105 Wis. Stats.

(3) Members. The mayor shall, subject to confirmation by the council, appoint seven resident persons having sufficient ability and experience in the field of urban renewal, community development and housing, as commissioners of the community development authority, as follows:

  1. Two of the commissioners shall be members of the council and shall serve during their term of office as council members.
  2. The terms of the five non council members shall be staggered four-year terms and until their successors are appointed and qualified.
  3. Vacancies shall be filled for the unexpired term as provided in this subsection.
  4. Commissioners shall be reimbursed for their actual and necessary expenses, including local travel expenses, incurred in the discharge of their duties, and may receive such other compensation as may be determined, from time to time, by the council.
  5. The community development authority shall have all powers, duties and functions set out in 66.1201 and 66.1333(1) and (2) Wis. Stats. for housing and redevelopment authorities, and as to all housing projects initiated by the community development authority, it shall proceed under 66.1201 Wis. Stats. and as to all projects relating to blight elimination, slum clearance, urban renewal and redevelopment programs, it shall proceed under 66.130166.1327(3), 66.1331, 66.1333, 66.1337, or 66.1105 Wis. Stats. as determined appropriate by the council on a project-by-project basis.
  6. As to all community development programs and activities undertaken by the city under the Federal Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, the community development authority shall proceed under all applicable laws and other ordinances of the City of Marshfield not inconsistent with the laws of this state.

(Code 1982, 1.44)