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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 2. General Government

Sec. 2-40. City attorney.

(1) Appointment and term. The city attorney's term shall commence on May 1 of the year appointed.

(2) Powers and duties. The city attorney's office shall defend actions brought against any officer or employee of the police department and the fire department growing out of any acts done in the course of their employment or out of any alleged breach of their duty as such officer or employee, except for:

  1. Actions brought to determine the rights of such officer or employee to hold or retain their office or positions; and
  2. Actions brought by the city against such officer or employee thereof.

(3) Responsibilities. Responsibilities of the city attorney shall be as follows:

  1. Represent the city in lawsuits affecting the city, including both prosecution and defense;
  2. Draft pleadings, documents and briefs relating to litigation;
  3. Draft contracts, ordinances, resolutions and municipal codes;
  4. Consult with and advise the mayor, council, city administrator, all department heads and independent boards and commissions;
  5. Research and write legal opinions for the mayor, city administrator and all department heads;
  6. Advise the council at all council meetings and at such council committee meetings as requested, act as parliamentarian at council meetings; and
  7. Represent the city in municipal code violation cases.

(Code 1982, 1.14)