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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 22. Municipal Airport

Sec. 22-04. Airport operation policies.

The airport committee, in carrying out its duties and responsibilities, shall adhere to the following policies:

(1) The city shall refrain from engaging in any activity of providing any service, excluding airport maintenance, using public employees or funds that can be conducted or provided satisfactorily by private parties through proper lease arrangements.

(2) The city shall encourage the development of the airport, especially in those areas where substantial building costs are incurred by lessees, by approving longterm leases which provide for the reexamination and readjustment of rates and charges at specified periods of time during the term of the lease.

(3) The city may provide or participate in the installation of utility service up to a lessee's property line. The lessee shall bear such costs on his leased property.

(4) No person shall engage in any business or commercial activity whatsoever on the airport except under the terms and conditions prescribed in a written agreement between the lessee and the city. Lessees shall be selected on the basis of their qualification, financial capabilities, and services offered; and not solely by bid basis. In determining the use of public building space, first consideration shall be given to public necessity and convenience. The airport committee will provide the Wisconsin Division of Aeronautics with one complete copy of each current lease and agreement.

(5) Buildings to be constructed by lessees shall conform to all state and local building codes, and the building plans shall be subject to the approval of the committee; Wisconsin Department of Commerce; Wisconsin Division of Aeronautics; and the Federal Aviation Administration.

(6) No person shall engage in the activity of storing, transporting, or dispensing of aviation fuels to the general public except those persons satisfying the requirements as set forth in the minimum standards.

(7) No person shall engage in the activity of storing, transporting or dispensing of noncommercial aviation fuels except those persons satisfying the requirements as set forth under section 22-03(12) of this chapter, fuel farm area, and holding a written agreement with the city to do so.

(8) The storage of all aviation fuel shall be in underground tanks only, and the city shall encourage the installation of all aviation fuel storage in the fuel farm area.

(9) Aircraft ground access to the airport property shall not be allowed, except from an approved airport industrial park as depicted on the airport layout plan.

(Code 1982, 21.04)