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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 22. Municipal Airport

Sec. 22-53. Recommended lease clauses.

(1) Development of Marshfield Municipal Airport clause. The lessor reserves the right to further develop or improve the landing area of the airport as it sees fit, regardless of the desires or view of the lessee, and without interference or hindrance. If the physical development of the airport requires the relocation of the lessee, the lessor agrees to provide a comparable location and agrees to relocate all buildings or provide similar facilities for the lessee at no cost to the lessee.

(2) Lessor's rights clause. The lessor reserves the right, but shall not be obligated to lessee, to maintain and keep in repair the landing area of the airport and all publicly owned facilities of the airport, together with the right to direct and control all activities of the lessee in this regard.

(3) War or national emergency. During the time of war or national emergency the lessor shall have the right to lease the landing area or any part thereof to the United States government for military or naval use, and, if such lease is executed, the provisions of this instrument insofar as they are inconsistent with the provisions of the lease to the government, shall be suspended.

(4) Obstruction at airport. The lessor reserves the right to take any action it considers necessary to protect the aerial approaches of the airport against obstruction, together with the right to prevent the lessee from erecting, or permitting to be erected, any building or other structure on the airport which, in the opinion of the lessor, would limit the usefulness of the airport or constitute a hazard to aircraft.

(5) Subordination clause. This lease shall be subordinate to the provisions of any existing or future agreement between lessor and the United States, or between lessor and the state, relative to the operation or maintenance of the airport, or related facilities, the execution of which has been or may be required as a condition precedent to the expenditure of federal or state funds for the development of the airport.

(6) General lease provisions. General lease provisions shall be as follows:

  1. All agreements between the city and an operator covering the performance by an operator of any aeronautical service as hereinbefore provided shall be in writing.
  2. The lessee shall provide a performance bond ensuring the completion of the building to be erected on the leasehold.
  3. The lessee shall furnish such evidence as may be reasonably requested by the city to show the lessee is financially capable of providing the services and facilities set forth in the lease.

(Code 1982, 21.32)