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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 23. Marshfield Cable Television Franchise Ordinance

Sec. 23-06. Comsumer Protection Regulations

1) Pursuant to the authority granted to the City under §66.0420(9)(b) Wis. Stats. and in addition to those rights provided in §100.209 Wis. Stats., and until such time as there is more than one Video Service Provider or Cable Operator, the City shall require the Video Service Provider or Cable Operator to comply with all customer service standards specified in 47 CFR 76.309(c).

(2) The Marshfield Cable T.V. Committee shall serve as the advocate for consumers of video broadcast services. Consumers may submit complaints or other concerns to that Committee. The Committee shall keep a file of all complaints and other correspondence and submit the file or a summary thereof to the Wisconsin Department of Trade and Consumer Protection for enforcement purposes under §100.209 Wis. Stats. and to the Department of Financial Institutions for its consideration for franchise revocation hearings or other considerations.


(Ord. No. 928, 1(23.01)—1(23.47), 6-12-2001)