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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 24. Sign Code

Sec. 24-11. Billboards.

(1) Billboards/off-premises signs are hereby prohibited in the downtown commercial district area. For purposes of this chapter, this area is defined as being between Doege and 11th Street on the North and South, and Chestnut and Cedar on the West and East. Billboards/off-premises signs are hereby prohibited along or viewable from Veterans Parkway between 4th Street and Wood. No new billboards may be constructed, erected or placed upon any premises, public or private, within the aforementioned areas, on or after passage of this ordinance. Furthermore, existing billboards/off-premises signs in the downtown area are hereby amortized for a period not to exceed ten years from date of the passage of this ordinance.

(2) Billboards existing in all other areas, prior to passage of this chapter may be maintained and continued in place as long as they comply with the standards and requirements of the ordinance. Billboards shall be promptly removed if they become deteriorated, dilapidated or abandoned. No billboard shall be enlarged, extended, reconstructed or structurally altered, and the total repair or alteration shall not during its remaining life exceed 50 percent of its assessed value. Repair costs shall include all time and all materials.

(3) If a billboard in said areas is damaged to the extent of 50 percent of its original value it shall not be repaired or restored and shall be promptly removed. Any billboard, which is not used for a period of 90 days, regardless of any intent to resume or not to abandon such, shall constitute an abandoned sign and must be removed within ten days. Removal is defined as sign face, sign structure and all materials.

(4) Billboards/off-premises signs are permitted under the alternative permit process only. Billboards may be allowed only within the M-2 light industrial district and M-3 general industrial district and within the B-3 highway business district and B-4 general commercial district. Billboards are only allowed on streets or highways designated as part of the state trunk highway system.

(5) No billboard/off-premises sign shall be permitted on the front or side facade of any building or on any roof-top.

(6) The maximum size of billboards is 250 square feet with no more than two signs per side, with a maximum of 500 square feet per structure in cases of back to back signs, and the maximum height shall be 25 feet. Billboards shall not be located within 500 feet of a residential dwelling that is properly zoned residential nor within 300 feet of another off-premises sign, as measured along the center line of the street. All billboards and other types of off-premises advertising structures must be set back a minimum of 15 feet from any public right-of-way.

(Ord. No. 987, 1—3, 9-9-2003; Ord. No. 999, 1—3, 10-27-2003)