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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 24. Sign Code

Sec. 24-12. Prohibited signs.

The following signs are expressly prohibited in the City of Marshfield, and shall not be approved through the alternative sign permit process:

(1) Snipe signs. Signs attached to any public utility pole or structure, street tree, fence, fire hydrant, bridge, curb, sidewalk, park bench or other location on public property, refer to section 24-14 for further clarification.

(2) Signs posing traffic or pedestrian hazards. No signs shall be erected, and there shall be no lighting of signs or premises in such a manner or location as to obstruct the view of, or be confused with, any authorized traffic signal, notice or control device, or with lights on any emergency vehicle. Specifically prohibited are signs or attention attracting devices using:

  1. Lights or illuminations that flash, move, rotate, scintillate, blink, flicker or vary in intensity or color, except for time/temperature, date, stock market or similar brief informational displays.
  2. Signs that are of such intensity or brilliance as to cause glare or impair the vision of motorists, cyclists or pedestrians.
  3. Bare bulbs, except for time/temperature devices using bulbs of up to 25 watts. This does not include neon.
  4. Words and traffic control symbols so as to interfere with, mislead or confuse traffic, such as "stop", "look", "caution", or "slow", as determined by the Marshfield Police Department or the director of planning and economic development. Either may order removal of any sign creating a danger to life or property.
  5. Any streamer, pennant, propeller, inflatable sign, tethered balloon, bunting or artificial device, figure, shape, color, sound, light or exhibit, whether live, animated, or still, that strobes, rotates, or emits sounds that would be considered a distracting device, a sdetermined by the Marshfield Police Department or the director of planning and economic development.

(3) Abandoned signs. Any sign remaining in place which for a period of 90 days or more no longer advertises or identifies an ongoing business, product, service, idea or commercial activity located on the site. See section 24-14 of this sign code.

(4) Extending signs. Signs or sign structures, other than freestanding, that extend above the parapet, building roof line or canopy/awning against which the sign is located.

(5) Use of a vehicle as a sign. Signs attached to or painted on motor vehicles or trailers that are parked on or adjacent to property for more than 24 consecutive hours, the principal purpose of which is to attract attention to a product sold or a business located on the property, not including vehicle sales licensed by the city. This is not meant to include logos and such on trucks and equipment, unless it is used as a stationary advertising device as previously described.

(6) Non-compliance. Any other sign that does not comply with the terms, conditions or provisions of this sign code.

(7) Roof sign.  Any sign mounted on a building situated in total or in part above the eave of that part of the building to which it is mounted.

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