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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 25. Construction Site Erosion Control

Sec. 25-22. Findings of Fact
  The City of Marshfield finds that uncontrolled, post-construction runoff has a significant impact upon water resources and the health, safety and general welfare of the community and diminishes the public enjoyment and use of natural resources.  Specifically, uncontrolled post-construction runoff can:

(1) Degrade physical stream habitat by increasing stream bank erosion, increasing streambed scour, diminishing groundwater recharge, diminishing stream base flows and increasing stream temperature.

(2) Diminish the capacity of lakes and streams to support fish, aquatic life, recreational and water supply uses by increasing pollutant loading of sediment, suspended solids, nutrients, heavy metals, bacteria, pathogens and other urban pollutants.

(3) Alter wetland communities by changing wetland hydrology and by increasing pollutant loads.

(4) Reduce the quality of groundwater by increasing pollutant loading.

(5) Threaten public health, safety, property and general welfare by overtaxing storm sewers, drainage ways, and other minor drainage facilities.

(6) Threaten public health, safety, property and general welfare by increasing major flood peaks and volumes.

(7) Undermine floodplain management efforts by increasing the incidence and levels of flooding.