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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 25. Construction Site Erosion Control

Sec. 25-24. Applicability and Jurisdiction

(a) Where not otherwise limited by law, this ordinance applies after final stabilization, to a site that had one or more acres of land disturbing construction activity unless the site is otherwise exempt under subsection (b) below.

(b) A site that meets any of the criteria in this paragraph is exempt from the requirements of this ordinance.

1. A redevelopment post-construction site with no increase in exposed parking lots or roads.

2. A post-construction site with less than 10% connected imperviousness based on complete development of the post-construction site, provided the cumulative area of all parking lots and rooftops is less than one acre.

3. Nonpoint discharges from agricultural facilities and practices.

4. Nonpoint discharges from silviculture activities.

5. Routine maintenance for project sites under 5 acres of land disturbance if performed to maintain the original line and grade, hydraulic capacity or original purpose of the facility.

6. Underground utility construction such as water, sewer and fiber optic lines. This exemption does not apply to the construction of any above ground structures associated with utility construction.

(c) Notwithstanding the applicability requirements in subsection (a) above, this ordinance applies to post-construction sites of any size that, in the opinion of the Director of Public Works or his designee, is likely to result in runoff that exceeds the safe capacity of the existing drainage facilities or receiving body of water, that causes undue channel erosion, that increases water pollution by scouring or the transportation of particulate matter or that endangers property or public safety.


This ordinance applies to post construction sites within the boundaries and jurisdiction of the City of Marshfield.


This ordinance is not applicable to activities conducted by a state agency, as defined under s. 227.01 (1), Wis. Stats., but also including the office of district attorney, which is subject to the state plan promulgated or a memorandum of understanding entered into under s. 281.33 (2), Wis. Stats.