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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 26. Floodplain Ordinance

Sec. 26-01. Statutory Authorization, Finding of Fact, Statement of Purpose, and Title

(1) Statutory Authorization. This ordinance is adopted pursuant to the authorization in ss. 62.23, for cities; and the requirements in s. 87.30, Stats.

(2) Finding of Fact. Uncontrolled development and use of the floodplains and rivers of this municipality would impair the public health, safety, convenience, general welfare and tax base.

(3) Statement of Purpose. This ordinance is intended to regulate floodplain development to:

(a) Protect life, health and property;

(b) Minimize expenditures of public funds for flood control projects;

(c) Minimize rescue and relief efforts undertaken at the expense of the taxpayers;

(d) Minimize business interruptions and other economic disruptions;

(e) Minimize damage to public facilities in the floodplain;

(f) Minimize the occurrence of future flood blight areas in the floodplain;

(g) Discourage the victimization of unwary land and homebuyers;

(h) Prevent increases in flood heights that could increase flood damage and result in conflicts between property owners; and

(i) Discourage development in a floodplain if there is any practicable alternative to locate the activity, use or structure outside of the floodplain.

(4) Title. This ordinance shall be known as the Floodplain Zoning Ordinance for the City of Marshfield, Wisconsin.

(Ord. No. 1169, 1, 1-12-2010)