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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 26. Floodplain Ordinance

Sec. 26-06. General floodplain district (GFP)

(1) Applicability. The provisions for this district shall apply to all floodplains for which flood profiles are not available or where flood profiles are available but floodways have not been delineated.  Floodway and floodfringe districts shall be delineated when adequate data is available.

(2) Permitted uses. Pursuant to Sec. 26-07, it shall be determined whether the proposed use is located within a floodway or floodfringe area.

Those uses permitted in floodway Sec. 26-04 (2) and floodfringe areas Sec. 26-05 (2) are allowed within the general floodplain district, according to the standards of Sec. 26-06 (3), provided that all permits or certificates required under Sec. 26-09 (2) have been issued.

(3) Standards for development in the general floodplain district. Sec. 26-04 applies to floodway areas, Sec. 26-05 applies to floodfringe areas.  The rest of this ordinance applies to either district.

(Ord. No. 1169, 1, 1-12-2010)