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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 26. Floodplain Ordinance

Sec. 26-07. Determining floodway and floodfringe limits

(1) Upon receiving an application for development within the general floodplain district, the zoning administrator shall:

(a) Require the applicant to submit two copies of an aerial photograph or a plan which shows the proposed development with respect to the general floodplain district limits, stream channel, and existing floodplain developments, along with a legal description of the property, fill limits and elevations, building floor elevations and flood proofing measures;

(b) Require the applicant to furnish any of the following information deemed necessary by the Department to evaluate the effects of the proposal upon flood height and flood flows, regional flood elevation and to determine floodway boundaries:

1. A typical valley cross‑section showing the stream channel, the floodplain adjoining each side of the channel, the cross‑sectional area to be occupied by the proposed development, and all historic high water information;

2. Plan (surface view) showing elevations or contours of the ground; pertinent structure, fill or storage elevations; size, location and layout of all proposed and existing structures on the site; location and elevations of streets, water supply, and sanitary facilities; soil types and other pertinent information;

3. Profile showing the slope of the bottom of the channel or flow line of the stream;

4. Specifications for building construction and materials, floodproofing, filling, dredging, channel improvement, storage, water supply and sanitary facilities.

(c) Transmit one copy of the information described in pars. (a) and (b) to the Department Regional office along with a written request for technical assistance to establish regional flood elevations and, where applicable, floodway data. Where the provisions of Sec. 26-09 (3) (c) apply, the applicant shall provide all required information and computations to delineate floodway boundaries and the effects of the project on flood elevations.

(Ord. No. 1169, 1, 1-12-2010)