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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 3. Governing Body

Sec. 3-05. Order of business

The business of the council shall be conducted in the following order:

(1) Call to order by presiding officer.

(2) Roll call.

(3) Pledge to flag.

(4) Invocation.

(5) Recommendations from mayor.*

(6) Approval of minutes of the preceding meeting.

(7) Items added to the agenda.

(8) Citizen's comments.

(9) Alderman's comments.*

(10) Consent Agenda.**  (Consent agenda items will be acted upon by the Common Council at one time without discussion unless a council member requests an item(s) be removed for discussion and separate consideration.)

(11) Consideration of items removed from the consent agenda.

(12) New business, including the introduction of ordinances and resolutions.

(13) Adjournment.

(*Note: Mayor's recommendations and alderman's comments must include enumeration of subject matter(s) to be discussed in a way reasonably likely to apprise members of the public and the news media thereof.  **Consent agenda may include communications, minutes and reports of commitees, boards, and commissions.)

(Code 1982, 2.05; Ord. No. 1019, 1, 4-27-2004)