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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 30. Official Master Street Map

Sec. 30-01. Official master street map.

The map entitled "Master Street Plan of the City of Marshfield, Wood County, Wisconsin," as established and maintained on June 1, 2001, together with all amendments thereto to date, as shown thereon at the time of the adoption of the ordinance from which this chapter derives, is hereby adopted and reestablished for the purpose of serving and promoting the public health, safety, convenience, economy, orderliness and general welfare of the community; to further the orderly layout and use of the land; to stabilize the location of real property boundary lines; to ensure proper legal descriptions and proper monumenting of land; to facilitate adequate provision for transportation, parks, playgrounds, and stormwater drainage; and to facilitate the further subdivision of larger tracts into smaller parcels of land pursuant to 62.23(6) Wis. Stats. The official master street map shall be maintained by the director of public works or his designee, and shall show the location and extent of all platted and existing streets, highways, parkways, railroad rights-of-way, public transit facilities, waterways, parks and playgrounds within the corporate limits of the City of Marshfield as heretofore laid out, adopted and established by law. All notations, references and other information shown thereon shall be deemed a part of this chapter as though the matters and information thereon were fully described in this chapter.

(Code 1982, 26.01)