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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 4. Finance and Personnel

Sec. 4-03. Compensation schedule.

(1) Except as provided in this section, the following schedule of compensation shall be in effect for the following elective officers of the City of Marshfield, until changed by ordinance adopted in conformity with Wisconsin law:

  1. Mayor. Compensation of the mayor shall be $22,500.00 per year plus an in-town expense account of $150.00 per month. Meal expenses incurred by the mayor for himself or on behalf of guests of the city incidental to the conduct of city business shall be reimbursable over and above the expense account payment of $150.00 per month.
  2. Alderpersons. Compensation of alderpersons shall be $45.00 per regular or special meeting attended and $2,920.00 per year for committee work, except that the alderpersons shall not during the term of such office collect salary in excess of the salary provided at the commencement of his/her term of office.
  3. Other elected officials. Other elected officials shall receive an annual salary to be set by the council, to be paid monthly. Such salary shall not be adjusted during the term of office. No salary shall be paid for any time during the term for which any such officer has not executed and filed his or her official oath and bond.

(2) The compensation to be paid to all other officers and employees of the City of Marshfield shall be as fixed by the council upon recommendations of the finance, budget and personnel committee, and/or other committees, boards, and commissions, except as to officers or employees whose compensation is otherwise determined by law, whose compensation will be established by resolution adopted by the council.

(3) In addition to any compensation paid to the mayor and alderpersons, they shall be entitled, while on authorized trips for the city, to reimbursement of their expenses and the sum of $100.00 per diem. Authorization for payment of such expenses and per diem must be obtained by the city officer or employee from the mayor, or in the mayor's absence, from the president of the council, or the city administrator, prior to embarking on such trip.

(4) The city shall continue to pay a portion of the premiums on the group life insurance, group dental insurance and the group accident and health insurance programs presently in effect, in such amount as has been established or may hereafter be determined by the council.

(5) All compensation shall be paid biweekly, on Friday, except the compensation to be paid the municipal judge and alderpersons, which shall be paid monthly.

(Code 1982, 3.04; Ord. No. 941, 1, 12-11-2001)