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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 4. Finance and Personnel

Sec. 4-04. Method of approving financial claims.

(1) All bills and other financial claims against the city shall be itemized, and upon receipt thereof, shall be examined by the finance director and referred by him to the finance, budget and personnel committee for report thereon at the ensuing meeting of the council, provided that payments of regular wages and salaries of officials and employees according to schedules adopted by the council after verification by the department head submitting the schedules and approval by the finance, budget and personnel committee need not be referred back to the committee.

(2) Alternate approval of claims. As an exclusive alternative to the method of approving financial claims against the city, provided in subsection (1) of this section, other than those referred to in subsections (5) and (6) of this section, payments may be made from the city treasury after the finance director shall have audited and approved each such claim as a proper charge against the treasury and shall have endorsed his approval thereon, after having determined that the following conditions have been complied with:

  1. That funds are available therefor pursuant to the budget approved by the council.
  2. That the item for service covered by such claim has been duly authorized by the proper official, department head, board or commission.
  3. That the item or service has been actually supplied or rendered in conformity with such authorization.
  4. That the claim is just and valid pursuant to law.

The finance director may require the submission of such proof and evidence to support the foregoing as in his discretion he may deem necessary.

(3) The finance director shall file with the council not less than monthly a list of the claims approved, showing the date paid, name of claimant, purpose and amount.

(4) An annual detailed audit of the city's financial statements, transactions and accounts shall be made by an independent accounting firm pursuant to 73.10 Wis. Stats. unless otherwise ordered by the council.

(5) The foregoing system of approval of financial claims shall not commence until the finance director has provided a fidelity bond to the city in a sum of not less than $10,000.00. The city elects not to give the bond on the finance director provided for by 70.67(1)Wis. Stats. Pursuant to 70.67(2) Wis. Stats., the city shall pay, if the finance director fails to do so, all state and county taxes required by law to be paid by such finance director to the county treasurer.

(6) Other financial claims. Subject to the provisions of subsection (7) of this section and the requirements of Wisconsin's Open Meeting Law, 19.81 Wis. Stats. et seq., all other claims against the city shall be referred by the clerk to the judicial, license and cemetery committee at the regular committee meeting following the filing thereof for review and recommendation of action to the council. Such claims may be allowed by the council at that time or denied. Failure of the council to pass upon such claims within 120 days after presentation is a disallowance. Procedure upon claims of this kind shall be in accordance with 893.80 Wis. Stats.

(7) Insured claims. Whenever a claim is filed with the city clerk which involves damages or injuries for which the city is covered by insurance, the city clerk shall immediately notify the representative of the insurance company concerned in accordance with the terms and provisions of the policy of insurance. In addition, the clerk shall inform the city attorney that a claim has been filed, together with such information as may be requested by the attorney. Thereafter, the procedure set forth in subsection (6) of this section shall apply.

(Code 1982, 3.05)