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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 4. Finance and Personnel

Sec. 4-07. Marshfield Public Library accounts.

The board of trustees of the Marshfield Public Library shall audit and approve all vouchers for the expenditures of such library, and shall forward the vouchers or schedules covering the expenditures, setting forth the names of the claimants, the amount of each claim and the purpose for which expended, to the finance director with a statement thereon, signed by the library board treasurer or other designee of the library board, that the expenditure has been incurred and that the library board has audited and approved the bill. The bills shall then be forwarded to the finance director who shall thereupon draw his order or check, and the bills shall be paid as other municipal orders or checks are paid and shall be signed by the clerk and finance director.

(Code 1982, 3.12)