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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 6. Fire Protection

Sec. 6-24. Scope.

The provisions of this chapter are applicable to:

(1) The inspections of buildings, processes, equipment, systems and other fire related life safety situations.

(2) The investigation of fires, explosions, hazardous materials incidents and other related emergency incidents handled by the Marshfield Fire and Rescue Department.

(3) Access requirements for fire department operations.

(4) Hazards from outside fires in vegetation, trash, building debris and other materials.

(5) The regulation and control of special events, including but not limited to, exhibits, trade shows, amusement parks, haunted houses and other similar special occupancies.

(6) The interior finish, decorations, furnishings and other combustibles that contribute to the fire spread, fire load and smoke production.

(Code 1982, 5.06)