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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 6. Fire Protection

Sec. 6-30. Fire lanes.

(1) Fire lanes shall be provided for all buildings that are set back more than 150 feet from a public road or exceed 30 feet in height and are set back over 50 feet from a public road, except for one- or two-family dwellings. The Marshfield Fire and Rescue Department may exempt any building from this provision where such building is protected throughout with an approved automatic sprinkler system or the building is an accessory building or special structure deemed exempt by the Marshfield Fire and Rescue Department.

(2) For all buildings constructed after the effective date of the ordinance from which this section derives, fire lanes shall not be less than 24 feet of unobstructed width, able to withstand live loads of fire apparatus and have a minimum of 13 feet six inches of vertical clearance. An approved turnaround for fire apparatus shall be approved where an access road is a dead end and is in excess of 150 feet in length. The turnaround shall have a minimum centerline radius of 50 feet. The grade of the fire lane shall be within the limits established by the City of Marshfield. However, "T" or "Y" turnaround arrangements are permitted, and, when acceptable to the Marshfield Fire and Rescue Department, turnaround arrangements other than a cul-de-sac may be used.

(3) Where a bridge is required to be used as access, it shall be constructed and maintained using live design loading sufficient to carry the imposed loads of fire apparatus. Where an elevated surface is used as access, that portion utilized by fire apparatus shall be constructed and maintained to accommodate fire apparatus.

(4) Fire lanes shall be marked with freestanding signs or marked curbs, sidewalks or other traffic surfaces that have the words "fire lane—no parking" painted in contrasting colors at a size and spacing approved by the Marshfield Fire and Rescue Department.

(5) The space between the fire lane and the building shall be free of permanent obstructions that may impede firefighting access, such as fences, hedges, walls, substantial grade changes or waterways.

(6) Fire lanes shall be maintained free of all obstructions at all times, including parked vehicles and snow.

(Code 1982, § 5.17)