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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 7. Emergency Management

Sec. 7-05. Emergency regulations.

Whenever necessary to meet a local emergency, the mayor, and in his absence, the president of the council, and in his absence, the chairman of the board of public works, and in his absence, the chairman of the finance, budget and personnel committee may, by proclamation, declare an emergency, and promulgate and enforce such orders, rules and regulations relating to the conduct of persons and the use of property as necessary to protect the public needs, health and safety; to preserve lives and property; and to ensure the cooperation necessary in emergency management activities, all of which shall be consistent with the provisions of the city emergency management plan and in coordination with the incident manager. Such proclamations shall be made through the news media and by public posting, and may be modified, revoked or rescinded by the council, by resolution or motion, at any time.

(Code 1982, 6.05)